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We provide all types of Reconditioned Engines, replacement engines, rebuilt engines, remanufactured engines with additional supply only or a supply and fit service. At Engines UK (London), we have a unique approach towards our work. Each of our staff has special techniques and discipline so you can be confident with the quality and reliability of our work. Our service offers both either supply only or supply & fit.

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Welcome to bmw iEngines UK

iEngines UK is an expert and dedicated business that deals in vehicle engines. We supply high quality reconditioned engines for commercial transports (vans, trucks, etc.) and cars of almost all make and models. Our other services include nature of the art vehicle diagnostic equipment for performance checking of engines. iEngines UK offers a full 6/12 month mechanical unlimited mileage warranty. iEngines UK also provides free vehicle recovery services up to 100 miles. iEngines UK has a team of qualified and experienced engine experts with dedicated expertise in reconditioning and fitting automobile engines so that you can be a guarantee of excellence and consistent service.

Reconditioned Engines Supplied Fitted

iEngines UK is one of the UK's largest suppliers, and fitters of the reconditioned car and light commercial vehicle engines and maintained a stock of engines ready to be fitted or delivered nationwide. To buy a reconditioned engine unit, you can place an order online or call us.

Suppliers of Quality Reconditioned Engines

iEngines UK holds an ample range of Reconditioned Engines. iEngines UK workshops are fully equipped, and we have specialist and experienced engineers. If you have an engine and will like to recondition it, please contact iEngines UK for a first evaluation and delivery details. We can take the vehicle or just the engine from your premises to iEngines UK workshops and following inspection and be reconditioning, deliver the vehicle or your engine back to your location.

In Stock bmw Reconditioned / Rebuilt bmw Engines for All Models

bmw 1 SERIES Engines | bmw 3 SERIES Engines | bmw 5 SERIES Engines | bmw 6 SERIES Engines | bmw 7 SERIES Engines | bmw 8 SERIES Engines | bmw M1 Engines | bmw X1 Engines | bmw X3 Engines | bmw X5 Engines | bmw X6 Engines | bmw Z1 Engines | bmw Z3 Engines | bmw Z4 Engines | bmw Z8 Engines |

bmw Reconditioned Diesel Engines

BMW M57 D30 3.0 L Diesel Engines | BMW N47 D20 2.0 L Diesel Engines | BMW N57 3.0 L Diesel Engines | BMW M47 2.0 L Diesel Engines | BMW N57 D30 Diesel Engines | BMW B37 1.5 Diesel Engines | BMW B47 2.0 Diesel Engines

bmw Reconditioned Petrol Engines

BMW M54 B30 3.0 Petrol Engines | BMW M62 V8 4.4 Petrol Engines | BMW B38 / N40 1.6 Petrol Engines | BMW M54 / M56 2.5 Petrol Engines | BMW N52 2.5 Petrol Engines | BMW M3 Petrol Engines | BMW M5 Petrol Engines | BMW B38A15 1.5 L Engines | BMW N13B16 1.6 L Engines | BMW N46 2.0 L Engines | BMW N20B16 1.6 L Engines | BMW N20B20 2.0 L Engines | BMW N43B16 1.6 L Engines | BMW N43B20 2.0 L Engines | BMW N45B20 2.0 L Engines | BMW N46B20 2.0 L Engines | BMW N53B30 3.0 L Engines | BMW N54B30 3.0 L Engines | BMW N55 1.6 L Engines|BMW N55B30 3.0 L Engines | BMW N62B40 4.0 L Engines | BMW N63B44 4.4 L V8 Engines | BMW S55B30 3.0 L Engines| BMW S63B44 4.4 V8 Engines | BMW S65B40 4.0 L V8 Engines

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